Green is the new black


Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and environmental technology have a lot in common – both look to the future and both are fueled by wanting to create a better, fairer, more sustainable world.

Get the green light with futuristic funding

Whether you want to make your home greener, invest in a wind turbine to do your bit for the planet, or have an SME working in an environmental industry, P2P lending can help to finance your green goals. Maybe you’re looking for new, meaningful ways to invest your money and would like your funds to go towards protecting the earth’s assets as well as earning you great returns. Get the green light on your goals – there are now P2P lending sites specializing solely in funding the great global project to find energy and environmental solutions, sites like Assetz Capital, BridgeCrowd and OnDeck. Connect with the wider community of green-eyed innovators and socially-minded lenders and take part in the financial and environmental revolution simultaneously. The citizens of the world are taking matters into their own hands with alternative finance – acting quickly, independently and collectively to makes positive changes happen.

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Impact investing and impact innovating

P2P loans are micro-loans from many people, instead of a big lump sum from a big bank. The world of P2P lending sites has flourished through utilizing technology to cut overheads and slim down the middle-man, meaning unbeatable interest rates and returns for you. P2P lenders are normal people who like to be able to hand-pick the projects they support as well as the P2P lending returns. If you have a project with objectives to conserve natural systems and a passion to provide fair trade and sustainable livelihood, pitch it to other people, not banks. P2P loans can be processed much faster than by the bureaucratic-heavy banks and are generally much more flexible. Perhaps your start-up business operates in a niche area of environmental technology – tell others who understand the potential in the same way you do and want to see your industry flourish. With P2P lending, the world of finance becomes a lot more natural. is the perfect place for you to take the next step into the world of online lending. We are not only the world’s first comparator website, but run regular industry news and in-depth platform information, helping you to stay in the know. We work with borrowers and lenders alike, to match individuals with their perfect peer-to-peer partner. Borrowing and investing are big decisions, offering massive potential – make sure you have an expert by your side.

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