Dreaming of a world tour?


Be bold. That dream of seeing the world is now even more possible, thanks to a breakthrough financial innovation.

Travel on the wings of a micro-loan

A financial innovation has helped realize thousands of people’s dreams and is poised to help more. Could this be the way for you to fund your world-travel adventure? From a grass-roots vision of decentralizing the banking system, peer to peer lending platforms☺o1 have transformed the traditional world of finance. The idea is simple. People help other people to realize their goals, cutting out the middle man. Instead of getting a big loan from a big bank (with a big interest rate), micro-loans split that loan among many lenders, creating honest investment opportunities for everyday folk and great rates for borrowers. P2P loans are not handed out to anyone, but the system is designed to be much more flexible and human, taking into account elements like an applicant’s education. From debt consolidation to purchasing a new home and once in a lifetime travel experiences, lending platforms like SoFi have helped transform countless people’s personal finances. Where could a micro-loan take you?

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A new way of doing things

P2P loans are providing finance for people that otherwise would not be eligible, thereby stimulating the economy. But it is just a part of the breakthrough share-economy culture which has emerged in recent years. Innovation in financial technology, an enterprising spirit and honest ideals are combining to bring a new way of doing things into the global economy. P2P lending shares a similar ethos with crowdfunding, the pioneering method that allows people to secure finance for all kinds of great ideas – arts, science, environmental and even international travel projects are made possible. FundMyTravel is a crowdfunding platform established by young international travelers who know first-hand the educational and socio-economic benefits that cultural exchange provides. The site enables people to reach an audience of thousands of potential supporters quickly and easily. Whether you want to pitch your dream to help communities in Asia to family and friends, or are looking to consolidate personal debt to pay for that tropical honeymoon, check out what the world of micro-lending and crowdfunding can do for your travel ambitions.

If you’re new to the world of P2P lending and crowdfunding, CompareLend.com is here to help. We provide extra information on P2P lending sites, so you can make an educated decision about which one is right for you. Each platform is slightly different, with unique focuses and benefits. We’ll work with you to find your perfect match, saving you time and providing the helping hand of a seasoned insider. Now that the world is connected, great ideas and aspirations have a whole new audience and generous new piggy bank. The financial innovation just needs your dreams!

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