Valentine’s Day is around the corner… ready?


Want to do something special this year, for someone special? Why not borrow from private lenders and make this year’s most romantic day one to remember.   

Share the love and share the loan

The great thing about peer to peer (P2P) lending is that it’s a loan from lots of different people. Normal people, who like to invest in other normal people’s lives. Peer to peer lending sites are the new, far slimmer, middle man. Sites like SoFi, Circleback Lending and the UK’s ArchOver manage the loan agreement between you and your investors. Because it’s all based online, uses the best in FinTech and is born from the goal of making banking work better for everyone, overheads are lower. This frees up more money, which goes back into providing unbeatable interest rates for you. Think from 4.73%, compared with an average of 14% for a credit card. There are no early-repayment fees either. This is the new way of making money move and do its thing. It’s flexible, fast and friendly. You can borrow from $1,000, with upper limits varying. Because P2P understands you’re more than just your credit score, additional factors are taken into account when considering your loan application, things such as your education and career experience. This makes peer to peer lending with bad credit a possibility for those who may otherwise be refused capital.

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As swift as Cupid’s arrow

Another unique benefit of choosing to borrow money from online lenders is that they are nifty movers. Opinion polls show that one of people’s least favorite things about applying for a loan via traditional financial institutions is the amount of time the process takes. Imagine waiting months before even hearing a decision, let alone seeing any money. With peer to peer lending banking has become modernized, streamlined and is now as nimble as it needs to be to fit into the fast pace of today’s world. Apply for your loan in minutes, get a decision within 48 hours and if you’re application is approved, you’ll receive your money within days. So even if you’ve forgotten all about Valentine’s Day until now, there might still time to make that big romantic gesture! When you borrow with P2P lending you’re more likely to get that warm feeling. Especially when you do it without fees and reduce your borrowing rates by an average of 33%.

At, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to get the best out of P2P lending, whether you’re a borrower or a lender. We passionately believe this financial innovation is changing the world of finance for the better and we provide easy to use, free and transparent comparison tools. With regular news articles sharing the latest on the exciting world of P2P, our site is all you need to get involved with banking, without the banks.

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