Uber to team up with Alipay for overseas customers


An interesting development in the partnership between Uber and Alipay now means that Uber China customers can pay their fare using the FinTech app whilst overseas. 

Alipay, an online payment platform, allows its users to make effortless online payments without any transaction fees. The Chinese FinTech company first teamed up with Uber China back in 2014, where it helped to cover domestic rides. The pair are now aiming to tackle the growing market for business travel and tourism – first in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and then across more regions throughout the year.

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Although Uber is already used internationally, the Chinese branch previously required customers to have a dual-currency credit card to take rides overseas. With such cards being difficult to acquire, a partnership with an app such as Alipay, or other payment platform apps, is going to be massively beneficial. Increasing the availability of Ubers’ services to the international market obviously means that many more people are going to be able to use Uber China who couldn’t before due to the lack of a dual-currency credit card. As well as making travel much easier for those visiting from overseas, this development could lead to many business and tourism opportunities opening up in the cities in which it is implemented.

With reports that Uber China is also forming partnerships with other payment platforms, including ones in India and Southeast Asia, it seems that Uber China’s customer base isn’t going to be dwindling down any time soon.