Citi invests $10 billion in businesses in 2015


Multinational financial services corporation Citi have recently revealed that their lending to small businesses reached over $10 billion in 2015 alone.

A press release from the company, also known as Citigroup Inc, stated this, as well as a massive 120 percent increase in the amount lent over the last 6 years ($4.5 billion was dished out in 2009). To add another pleasantly surprising statistic, Citi has revealed that it has lent out over $46 billion in total over the last 5 years.

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Investing in business is critical

The company pledged to increase the amount spent on investing in a business back in 2011, stating that “[small businesses] are critical to job creation and economic growth.” The increased amount is said to have “…helped entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses, generate new jobs, and add lasting value to our communities…” Citi offers multiple lending programmes for said small businesses, with the intent of providing flexible loans in a responsible manner, as well as providing an option for those who do not qualify for more traditional financing methods.

Citi are dedicated to helping small business owners, and are constantly on the lookout for businesses to invest in. Looking for businesses to invest in in the USA isn’t difficult; more and more people are seeing the benefits of lending, and thanks to peer to peer lending platforms and other lending technologies, investing in a business is becoming easier and easier.

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