The 1st USA and China P2P lending summit starts today

The first ever Credit Conference is set to take place on January 27/28 in San Francisco, with industry representatives from both China and the US gathering to discuss the future of peer to peer lending and crowdfunding sites.

The event will see many influential figures of the worlds of finance and politics come together to give speeches, panels, and demos regarding some of the issues surrounding credit, the economy, and peer to peer lending today. Key speakers will include Edwin Lee – Mayor of San Francisco, Ron Suber – President of Prosper, and Ning Tang – Founder & CEO of CreditEase.

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A world of discussion and debate

Both conference days will include a general session, two breakout sessions, and a special activity, which makes for dozens of interesting topics being discussed including; debating if mobile finance is overpowering internet finance, discussing the different student loan practices in the USA and China, and researching the outlook of the Chinese P2P lending market.

The United States and China make for the two largest economies in the world. As well as this, China plays host to the biggest peer to peer lending market in the world with over 2500 online lending platforms, with the USA coming in at a close second. What better countries are there to take place in such a conference?

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