Four senior executives to leave the Twitter nest


Four of Twitter’s head honchos have suddenly departed the company behind one of the world’s most popular social networks.

Senior vice-president of engineering Alex Roetter, vice-president of global media Katie Jacobs Stanton, HR vice-president Skip Schipper, and senior vice-president of product Kevin Weil are all set to leave the social media firm. This has stirred up rumors of a declining stability. As reassurance, Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter, confirmed that two other staff members would be taking on extra responsibilities to fill the gap. Chief operating officer Adam Bain is set to tackle media, HR, and revenue-related product teams, whilst chief technology officer Adam Messinger will be taking care of engineering, consumer product, design and research, and much more. Jack Dorsey has made several tweets commiserating the 4 former executives.

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Dorsey’s official statement on the departures from the company comes after “inaccurate press rumors” came about regarding staff leaving. Twitter is allegedly under increasing pressure from several factors, which may have brought about even more rumors regarding the company. Shareholders investing in Twitter want to see an increase in revenues, and for the company to lead the competition against other social networks including Facebook and Snapchat, so there couldn’t really be a better time to set the record straight.

Social media platform Twitter is set to announce two new board members in the coming months; a new chief marketing officer, and a head of PR.