How to do something good with your money?


Boosting poor communities through social peer to peer (P2P) lending enables them to start small businesses or better their personal situations, often empowering women especially.

Computer and internet access can help individuals get a loan

Basic needs can be a luxury for many developing countries. The need for running water in homes, or equipment for farming. Women who could make a living by sewing but have no machine, or individuals who wish to study but have no funds to do so. These communities and individuals are able to apply for loans through social peer to peer lending sites, where investors can view the loan and bid to invest. These communities only need access to a computer to be able to apply for a loan. Social lending provides loans to enrich and empower at very little or no interest rate at all. This makes it affordable and gives access to those less fortunate.

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Businesses and individuals get involved by investing

There are many social lending sites that facilitate micro-credit or micro-financing. Providing smaller loan amounts to lower income individuals and boosting their situation, Kiva is an online social lending site that operates as a non-profit organization. They use many field partners who are microfinance organizations around the world that facilitate and manage the loans on behalf of Kiva. 80% of their field partners are non-profit organizations themselves, and only some charge a small interest fee to cover their overheads. They have over 300 field partners and have funded loans to value of $789million. Other P2P social lending sites that operate in a very similar way are Zidisha and Grameen. Zidisha directly connects investors and lenders allowing communication between the two often resulting in investors being able to provide guidance and pass on knowledge. Zidisha have funded 20,415 projects with an amount of $4.5million. Founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunnus in 2008, Grameen provides savings programs, finance education and micro loans to small entrepreneurs. To date they have funded loans to the amount of $344million. helps you choose your online social P2P lending site

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