Get your New Year’s resolutions covered


See what the world’s financial revolution can do to transform your finances and help you to achieve your goals for 2016.

Making the banking system fairer for everyone

Take a new approach to finance this year and join the biggest financial innovation the world has seen in decades. Peer to peer lending (P2P lending) could be the fresh approach to finance you were looking for. Born out of a vision to make the banking system fairer for everyone, P2P lending has helped decentralize lending and reinvigorate the world of finance with flexibility and rates no banks can match. This is banking without the banks.

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Gain capital, transform lives

P2P lending has already helped thousands of people around the world gain capital lending that transforms their lives. Peer to peer lending platforms like Funding Circle have invested in thousands of local companies, helping them with small business funding options. SoFi  have provided $6 billion in personal loans to those who would otherwise be declined, consolidated thousands of student loans, mortgages and personal debts. People have taken charge of their health with initiatives like Patient Solutions from Lending Club. Borrowers are attracted by added flexibility and great interest rates. Investors love being able to hand-pick the projects they want to support and see unrivaled returns.


Whether it’s your small business funding or personal finances that you want to flourish this year, P2P banking could be the missing ingredient to your New Year’s resolutions. With 320 lending platforms globally, now is the perfect time to start exploring P2P finance, especially if you require small business funding. You can find up to the minute industry news and in-depth analysis of each peer to peer lending platform on line that will be able to match your needs to the most suitable provider.

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