Make your business fly thanks to P2P lending


With millions of dollars being channeled into small and medium sized businesses through peer to peer (P2P) lending, there may never have been a better time to see your business flourish.

You can take your business to the next level by using peer to peer investment

Compared with traditional financial services, online lenders can provide loans faster and with more flexibility, to borrowers who might otherwise not secure loans due to a poor credit status, or lack thereof. P2P business lending is born of a vision of decentralizing the banking marketplace, making it fairer for everyone and supporting independent business.

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A funding solution adapted to each business

You’ll be surprised how much you can borrow with P2P lending. Loans start at around $2,000 USD (£1,000) with varying upper limits. Zopa offers loans of up to £20,000, Prosper up to $35,000 USD, while international platform Funding Circle provides investments of equivalent to £1m, including lending from the UK Government-backed British Business Bank. Borrow over six months to five years and incur no early repayment fee. Your application can be for reasons as unique as your needs, from refurbishment to property to help with cash flow, at interest rates that no bank can match. P2P lenders provide the small business financing that makes all the difference to individual lives and the economy.

Let guide you through the new world of business lending

Say hello to modern finance. A whole new world of business financing is emerging, with 320 P2P lending platforms now operating in over twenty countries and counting. is the first comparator website for P2P finance, matching your business’s needs with the ideal P2P investor. Our powerful search engine will sift through lending sites for you, saving you time and effort. Platforms like SoFi and Lending Crowd offer fast responses along with increased flexibility and socially minded investors. Without bank overheads, more cash is available to return to investors and secure competitive interest rates on loans. P2P lending reflects the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels your business, providing the means for independent ventures to reach new heights.

If you’re new to the world of P2P lending, is the perfect place to start. Our site contains additional, up to date information on P2P lending sites, so you can feel confident you have all you need to make an informed decision. We provide regular advice on how to enhance your application to maximize your chances of securing a loan. Get industry updates as they happen, so you can keep up to speed with this pioneering and evolving economic movement. When working to secure your business’s finance, it can be priceless to have an insider’s advice.

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