P2P Lending through imessage now a possibility


Exciting news is on the horizon, as Apple has allegedly been planning a mobile form of P2P lending through iMessage.
Quartz, an online news outlet, reported as early as November 2015 that iPhone users would also be able to transfer money through emails, phone calls, and even calendar invitations. Apple has already filed a patent for these possibilities, which suggests that the company is dead-set on involving themselves in the payments messaging service.
There is a similar service available through Facebook’s messenger app, but this service is only available in the U.S. There are also other easy-to-use P2P lending services available on mobiles, such as PayPal, but the multi-app implementation of P2P lending by Apple will likely prove to be much more efficient.
If Apple does go ahead with its plan, it would allow every iPhone user across the world to reap the benefits of peer to peer lending; be it being able to invest in a company at the drop of a hat, or paying back a group of friends for a meal, users will be able to transfer money regardless of ability, location, or needs.
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