P2P lending – small loans for special occasions


If you are feeling a little stressed about how you are going to afford to buy Christmas gifts this year, why not apply for a loan through peer to peer (P2P) lending?

P2P lending vs credit card high rates

Offering low rate loans that sit around 70% cheaper than credit card fees, P2P lending offers you the promise of an exciting Christmas season. Bank loans are scarcely approved for small loans and the high fees will put the fear of never ending repayments in you. Applying for your loan through P2P lending, you can sit back and relax while you browse through CompareLend.com, the comparator site and find the best P2P lender for you.

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Many peer to peer lenders to choose from

With companies such as Lending Works in the UK, or Prosper in the US, the process and application is all done online in a few simple steps. Applying online is easy and your credit worthiness is determined without affecting your credit score. Loans are typically approved and paid about three to five days after application. You are given a fixed repayment schedule over an agreed period with no hidden costs. If you decide to settle your loan earlier, you can do so with no early settlement fees.

Buy everything on the Christmas list

Looking to buy the new Apple watch for you loved one, or the latest Instamax Mini for your little girl? With easy loans through peer to peer lending, you can buy exactly what is on the Christmas list for everyone.

CompareLend.com will help you find the right P2P company for your needs. As there are many online lending sites, you need one to suit what you are looking for. CompareLend.com takes the hassle out of the search and you can quickly and easily find companies like Lending Works to assist. It is impressive that so many P2P money lending websites are available and willing to give small loan lenders these types of personal loans.

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