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Peer to peer (P2P) lending is making waves in the financial world, offering new loan and investments opportunities for everybody. With an avalanche of offers and websites … how can one get the best out of it? Using a comparator like! can help you find the right platform for your investment

According to, the global P2P market will be valued at a projected $64billion by the end of 2015. With the P2P market booming, and with so many various platforms available, trying to browse the internet for what is best suited to your needs can often be overwhelming. Indeed, the market counts over 320 lending platforms in more than 20 different countries across the globe. Featuring a large number of platforms in the US, UK and France (and growing!), is the comparator that can ensure you save both time and money, and can help you become part of the ever-expanding P2P market.

Free quote : Click here to select the best personal loan offers adapted to your project is your go-to online comparator for P2P lending and investing assists investors in ensuring their money is placed and invested with the correct peer to peer site. P2P platforms are helping various people change their lives. Some of these platforms include Money360 which has played an important role for real estate investing. This has helped people like Adam to apply for a loan for his small commercial property, enabling him to get the money quickly and to use it on upgrading his property for better rental returns. United Prosperity is a non-profit organization assisting poorer entrepreneurs such as Niroshani, who managed to upgrade her family’s mill and buy more timber to boost their sales and help her family into a better financial situation. Recently, Catherine needed a loan to help her further her studies and decided to try the P2P lending way. This helped her to raise the money through Greennote which is enabling her to obtain her degree through finance approval and repayments at reasonable rates.

Through, you can assess what your specific financial needs are, and be directed to the best platform for you. As you can see, really is the answer to the future of peer to peer lending by making the whole concept simple to use, easy to understand, and above all, online friendly.