Get local with peer to peer lending


With a shift away from traditional banks, P2P lending has transformed the way people are choosing to invest in business. Why not doing something smart with your savings and invest them in your neighborhood?

Local investors proving their worth

The peer to peer platforms have attracted a lot of local investors who would also prefer to invest their money for the upliftment and progression of their own communities or countries. In 2012, the UK government invested £20 million into British businesses through peer to peer lending. Uplifting the community has been achieved through loans to small business, helping them grow and in turn allowing job creation. Assetz Capital pays testament to how peer to peer lending has allowed this knock on effect of community upliftment and job creation.

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Peer to peer lending for the benefit of local people in need

In China, there has been a lot of interest and shift in investment and loans from banks to peer to peer lending companies. With many banks reluctant to offer loans to smaller businesses, there has been an increase in peer to peer lending. As the loans are easier to come by, companies like Jimubox serve as some relief for small business and a boost for a slowing economy. Folk2Folk in the UK brings together local investors with local lenders. This move has proved to be highly successful in boosting the south west economy by introducing £50 million through small business lending.

As provides a free and easy to use peer to peer lending platforms comparison tool,  investors can find the right platform to get involved in locally. People needing to take out loans, for whatever reason – for online small business loans, to consolidate their loans or to uplift communities, can link them all.