Finding hope and transparency in P2P investing


Following the global financial crisis of 2008, traditional banking institutions left people feeling vulnerable and that a certain trust was broken. Investing through P2P (peer to peer lending) has allowed both individuals and investors more control over how, and with whom, they can invest.

Consider investing your pension or invest in real estate through P2P lending

People are choosing to invest their pensions in P2P lending. It is less risky than buying shares, and the return on investment in loans is higher than investing with traditional banks. According to Forbes online, in the US an average interest rate on a savings account is around 0.85% to 1.30%. If you invested with P2P lending platform Prosper, for example, your returns would be between 5% and 10%. You have more control over your money, as you are able to spread your investment over many loans as well as being able to decide on the risk involved – thus what the interest rate of return would be. This allows for a retirement income that is far higher than what an annuity would pay out. With a retirement annuity, you have a fixed rate of income that doesn’t fluctuate, leaving you with no control over your own money. Zopa have facilitated quite a few of these investments in the UK. Invest in real estate for your family. You can invest small amounts into large real estate properties and still be able to be part of a large investment with good returns.

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Invest in your community and gain financial and personal rewards

Investors are becoming more involved, and are keener to have control over their own investments. Many are choosing peer to peer lending investments that can benefit their own communities – giving personal satisfaction as well as financial reward. Companies like Folk2Folk were born from this idea. Locals were feeling frustrated at poor returns on investments through banks, and small businesses were not being able to get loans approved. With this type of investment, the rewards become far more than simply financial. Personal satisfaction heightens through helping other communities to grow. is assisting the banking evolution by being an online comparator whereby you are able to shop around for the best P2P lenders to invest with. We are taking the hassle away and combining it all under one simple-to-understand website for ease of browsing.

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