Peer-to-peer lending niches


Whether you are a business with specific financing needs or an individual looking for practical loan solutions, you will find all kind of specific offers on the peer-to-peer lending market.

Personal loans for the modern individual

Peer-to-peer lending benefits those individuals who may require additional money to buy a new car, finance their studies, or possibly even renovate their home. Low rate loans through crowdlending sites are much easier and quicker to obtain than through traditional banks. With crowdlending you are also able to raise the capital quicker. The application for loans is faster and requiring less documentation than banks. However, this is not only limited to businesses but individuals seeking loans too.

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Low interest crowdlending for various niches available

Nearly 30% of SMEs are looking towards crowdlending as a vital external lending niche for the growth of their businesses. Crowdlending has caught on to the idea of real estate investment through peer to peer (P2P) real estate lending. US companies such as Realty Mogul and Fundrise are hoping to become the leaders in the real estate crowdlending boom. There is a definite trend towards peer to peer real estate lending and the next few years should see huge market interest and investment. UK’s LendInvest is promising to shake things up in the finance market with peer to peer mortgage lending. They offer better returns for investors and P2P finance that is fast, transparent and fair for borrowers. Samahope offers medical crowdlending for doctors in South Asia, Africa and Latin America, to fund medical treatments. Most P2P lenders such as SoFi will allow you to take a loan to either pay off student loans or to further education through taking a loan. Ulule in France offers funding for various projects. Some of these include short films, humanitarian missions, or recording an album. Prêt d’Union will help you not only finance a business but also get a loan for home renovation or your dream wedding.

With so many crowdlending niches and sites, can assist individuals or companies with finding the right P2P finance platform for your individual needs. This allows even more efficiency and less time wasting.