Benefit from investing with P2P lending


With more than 320 lending platforms spread across 20 countries, and a forecasted value of around $50 billion in the next decade, this is certain to be a leading investment choice for a business or individual.

Let assist with finding the right P2P platform for your investment

If you are new to investing through peer to peer (P2P) lending, a good place to start is with, an online comparator of choice. Through you can find out about various peer to peer lending sites and which are better suited to you. With an international portfolio of P2P platforms, you are able to choose whether your investment is local, national or international depending on your demographic and cross border P2P lending laws in your country of residence.

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Defaults are part of the course

As an investor, your outlay is spread over many loans helping to minimize risk. This is so that if some borrowers default on payment, you do not lose all your money as it is spread out. A registered default is only after a loan has not been paid for more than 120 days. Many borrowers may well default on loans once or twice but soon catch up with no incident thereafter.

Be alerted about new investment opportunities

Just as can match you with the desired P2P platform such as Money360 for real estate or Upstart for student loans, so do the platforms alert and match you to your preferred investments. Once you have a built a portfolio of investments through reinvesting earnings and trends on your preferred investments, you will be matched accordingly as new loans are registered.

Return on investment

Return on investment through P2P lending yields higher returns on investment than traditional banks. This is due to the fact that all business is conducted online, saving on building rentals and unnecessary staff costs cutting out the middle man. You are also able to choose your level of risk depending on whether the investment is a higher risk or lower risk, the higher the risk, the higher interest paid. So far many experts are saying that one can expect returns between 5% and 12% depending on risk tolerance, account activity and skills in choosing your online investment.