Marketing, Growth and Debt Consolidation
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Marketing, Growth and Debt Consolidation


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Marketing, Growth and Debt Consolidation - Comparelend

Taylor Made Property Management has raised money through previously. This new loan will be used to refinance the old loan. If you currently have Capital Outstanding on the existing loan you can transfer this to the new application, by making use of Transfer Bids.

Visit the existing loan here

This loan has benefited from a 2% reduction in the starting interest rate, due to the security offered in support of the loan. Find out more Here.

Taylor Made Property Management Limited was incorporated in October 2014 with the express purpose of taking over the Martin & Co franchise based in Preston. The purchase of the franchise was successful and we began trading as Martin & Co in February 2015.

Since that time, with the backing of Martin & Co, and their 25+ years of experience as a franchisor, Taylor Made Property Management has lead the next chapter of this franchise and continues to develop the existing business to the level it should be for a territory of it size.

The owner of Taylor Made Property Management, Richard Taylor, has experience as a landlord himself and 12+ years of managing multi million pound government contracts within the Welfare to Work arena, Having completed all the training through Martin & Co and associated bodies he know has a more complete understanding of the property market as a whole and operating a business within that arena, and the perils of employing staff.

Having lived and worked within the franchise area for the last 20 years the owners local knowledge is very strong and having made contacts in local councils and community organisations throughout that time he is very well connected across the area.

In the last 18 months we have developed the brand of Martin & Co in the geographical area assigned to this franchise, we have increased the size of the fully managed portfolio by more than 20%, increased property sales by 75% and introduced the Martin & Co Student Homes brand into Preston and secured, as the only agents in Preston marketing it, a brand new privately owned student accommodation block with 244 rooms.

We are also working with a number of local developers and investors on some wide ranging projects from warehouse and office residential conversions, to take advantage of the growing trend for city centre living, to small scale new build developments to compliment larger developments as part of the Councils City Deal residential plans.

  • 125 000 €
  • 48 700 € - 38,96% Financé
  • Date de clôture 22/12/2016
  • Rebuilding Society
  • C
  • 0 %
  • 60 Mois
  • Rebuilding Society

  • £9 389 685
  • £55 000
  • 15 %
  • 4578

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