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1)Karan Retail Limited (‘KRL’) was incorporated on 12th February 2007 with Mr. Sivasubramaniam Suthakaran as sole director and controlling shareholder and is one of the leading independent forecourt operators in UK. From inception, the company’s management team goal has remained the same – ‘To become the UK’s most dynamic and profitable independent forecourt operator’.

Historically KRL’s 8 forecourt stations have operated under the GULF fuel brand but this has recently been joined by the introduction of the BP badge. The fuel has always been backed up at each site by an attractive, competitive and expanding forecourt shop offer under the PREMIER/BOOKER brand. In addition to these forecourt stations, the company has one shop in Burton-on-Trent.

2)My company owns two petrol station in Crowley and Wisbech (Thorney Toll S/Stn Eastbound) and four retail groceries shops. We are a retailer of petroleum products, tobacco, off license and groceries.

  • 200 000 €
  • 30 140 € - 15,07% Financé
  • Date de clôture 21/11/2016
  • Rebuilding Society
  • C
  • 0 %
  • 60 Mois
  • Rebuilding Society

  • £9 389 685
  • £55 000
  • 15 %
  • 4578

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