Innovative Sweets, Snacks, and Grocery Distributor With Huge Growth Potential
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Innovative Sweets, Snacks, and Grocery Distributor With Huge Growth Potential


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Innovative Sweets, Snacks, and Grocery Distributor With Huge Growth Potential - Comparelend

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Candy Hero has raised money through previously. This new loan will be used to refinance the old loan. If you currently have Capital Outstanding on the existing loan you can transfer this to the new application, by making use of Transfer Bids.

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Candy Hero is an innovative and rapidly growing importer, exporter, and distributor of sweets, snacks, and grocery products, with 75% of it's stocked range imported from the USA. Candy Hero is a retailer as well as a distributor, operating a multi-channel online retail system and high street stores in Leeds and York city centres. The retail knowledge and customer service focus coupled with powerful proprietary software makes Candy Hero an acclaimed trade distributor in the UK and Europe due to the efficient trade e-commerce system and great customer service provided to trade buyers.

The company stocks around 4,000 unique product lines in a 10,000sq ft warehouse and has recently launched a proprietary pre-order system which will ultimately allow it to sell a range of 30,000 unique product lines, sourced from UK and USA, making the depth of range and country of origin something unmatched by any other distributor in the UK. Candy Hero's software systems strip waste from process and this allows pricing to be competitive in the markets it serves.

The keen desire to make a systematic business which is a fun and challenging environment to work within have led to a great and motivated workforce with high levels of engagement. Candy Hero is an open and innovative company with the systems, people, and processes that create true potential to be a food and non-food distribution service more efficient and powerful than any known competitor.

Lenders should note that the security on offer does not cover the loan amount on this application. Having considered the application carefully we feel it is worthy of lender consideration. The business has demonstrated that it has good and reliable customers, operates in a growing market and the use of the funds the director is asking for is to replace his current expensive funding. Further, as the company continues to trade profitably and makes loan repayments, the security inherent in the business is likely to increase. As ever lenders should consider the full merits and risks of the business prior to lending

  • 300 000 €
  • 237 570 € - 79,19% Financé
  • Date de clôture 28/12/2016
  • Rebuilding Society
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  • 0 %
  • 60 Mois
  • Rebuilding Society

  • £9 389 685
  • £55 000
  • 15 %
  • 4578

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