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Chester Pearce Associates UK Limited provides all forms of bereavement support to its client families.

Chester Pearce Funeral Service is a central part of the organisation, providing funeral services to families in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas. Nearly all funeral directors in the locality have been established for many years. As a company which is just over five years old, we are able to look at the industry with a fresh pair of eyes, and so this has given us a considerable edge in the market place. We provide funerals from the very traditional, to environmentally friendly funerals, and support for families on low income. Our ‘blank canvas’ approach to the provision of funeral services has seen strong growth for the company, from just seven funerals in year one, to 94 funerals in year five, and an expected 120/125 funerals this year.

Funerals now are becoming more personalised, and Chester Pearce leads the way in offering that to families. A funeral not governed by preset packages and costs but more about the person who has died and the family left behind.

We have full facilities in Westbourne, offering complete continuity of care, and the opening of our funeral home in Canford Heath further strengthens our position, being the only funeral service based in a community of 90,000 people. Canford Heath will be a Community Funeral Service for the community.

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