Discover LENDOPOLIS, the French peer-to-peer platform for businesses!

Since 2014, LENDOPOLIS brings together small business entrepreneurs and investors willing to involve themselves in real economy: a business with a development project will get funding from individuals’ savings by contracting bearing loans. By late 2015, 70 businesses collected over €4M and the LENDOPOLIS community had more than 10,000 registered members!

CEOs, why borrow with LENDOPOLIS?

You deposit your project for free and borrow with ease amounts between €10,000 and €1,000,000.

No bail or personal guarantee is requested. Fundraising are done within 14 days at most and some are concluded in a few hours only.

The pros of LENDOPOLIS

It is the unique platform that has a partnership with the media group « Les Echos »: every business benefits from a real communication campaign during and after the fundraising in the paper « Les Echos », « Investir », etc… but also on the website « Les Echos ». Your collect is also relayed on every LENDOPOLIS supports (social network, Newsletter, etc. …)

Borrowers, why invest your money with LENDOPOLIS?

Every investor can lend directly from €20 to €1000 to businesses of their own choice and levy between 5% and 10.5% gross return per year. LENDOPOLIS is an efficient and smart solution to invest your money: the confirmed projects will already grant return on the first month.

The pros of LENDOPOLIS

It is the only platform in partnership with the French Order of Accountants Order: every project is validated by an accountant.

Last but not least, LENDOPOLIS relies on the concept of collective intelligence: once the companies are selected, the lenders analyse the project, exchange directly with the CEO through the forum, and decide if they invest in the project or not. If the fundraising objective is reached, the loan is validated. Otherwise, the lenders that contributed will be automatically refunded. In the end, it is the members of the LENDOPOLIS community that collectively decide on the fundraising success.

Lendopolis in Numbers

Total loans funded
5 071 500€
Average loan size
67 864€
Average borrower rate
7.5 %
Funding delay
14 Day(s)

Lendopolis in the Peer to Peer Lending Market

Loan size
10 000 - 1 000 000€
Average loan amount
67 864€
Average Rate
5.84 %
Number of investors

Access Conditions to Lendopolis


Funding type :
  • Business Loan
Loan size : 10 000 - 1 000 000 €
Duration : 2 years - 5 years
Average borrower rate : 7.5 %
Rate : 5 % - 10.5 %
Borrower fees : 3 %
Death insurance : N/A


Minimum business age : 2 Year
Minimum turnover : 100 000 €
Documents to provide to get a loan :


Minimum investment : 20 €
Maximum investment : 1 000 €
Investors fees : 0 %
Security : No
Average Rate : 5.84 %

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