Finsquare is a platform where businesses are financed by individuals.

Specialised in short term loans, Finsquare allows entrepreneurs to borrow up to €100,000 on term from 1 to 24 month without bail or individual guarantee. Unlike a classical loan, the business reimburses his loan every month. Individuals can lend 10€ or more with appealing return rate up to 10%. A bid system allows lenders to evaluate the project in order to personalise their rate offer. At the end of the bid, the best contributions will be selected to create the most advantageous loan for the business.

Finsquare was created for individuals wishing to invest in real economy while benefiting from an innovative and savvy saving solution. Every lender has a personal account with a management interface of his credited account, with a trace of the borrowed and lent amounts, so it is possible to follow the return on investment day by day.

We also want to help small business managers wishing to obtain a loan quickly and plainly. With a response under 24hours, we can help finance any business need: communication, purchase of supplies or equipment, recruitment. For every project we also provide the activity description, we present result accounts and simplified balance sheets and attribute a score. The lenders then chose freely the project they want to invest in.

After its financing, the business reimburses a share of capital and a share of interest on the entire loan duration. Finsquare takes care of the withdrawals and the reimbursements to give to the several investors.

Finsquare in Numbers

Total loans funded
3 843 737€
Average loan size
6 000€
Average borrower rate
4 %
Funding delay
5 Day(s)

Finsquare in the Peer to Peer Lending Market

Loan size
3 000 - 100 000€
Average loan amount
6 000€
Average Rate
7.6 %

Access Conditions to Finsquare


Funding type :
  • Business Loan
  • Real Estate Loan
Loan size : 3 000 - 100 000 €
Duration : 1 month - 2 years
Average borrower rate : 4 %
Rate : 3 % - 5 %
Borrower fees : 1 %
Death insurance : N/A


Minimum business age : 1 Year
Minimum turnover : 100 000 €
Documents to provide to get a loan :


Minimum investment : 10 €
Maximum investment : 1 000 €
Investors fees : 0 %
Security : Yes:
Average Rate : 7.6 %