CompareLend.com is the first international comparator dedicated to peer to peer lending, operating in France, UK and US.


CompareLend.com was created in Paris in August 2015, by a team of finance and new technologies’ experts. With the aim to provide everyone with an easy access to the rapidly growing peer-to-peer lending market.  

We are proud to provide the easiest way to compare loan and investment opportunities from the best peer-to-peer lending platforms, rated for their reliability and their performance. With CompareLend.com, everybody can benefit from the opportunities of the peer-to-peer lending world.

A unique comparison experience.

We have been working hard to offer a service able to compare thousands of loans and investments within one single website. We do our best to offer our users an unbiased, free and transparent tool to help them achieve their goals, realise their dreams and help others to do so, thanks to adapted financing solutions and investment opportunities.

Save time. Save money. Earn more.

CompareLend.com ensures a wide-ranging comparison of renowned peer-to-peer platforms in Europe and in the USA. Thanks to peer-to-peer mechanisms enhanced by our partners, everyone can make the most of the participative finance opportunities through easier access at the best rates.

“We are a FinTech company that wants to make the peer-to-peer lending market easily accessible and understandable. We believe we have a role to play in the new connected economy, and make it more transparent and friendly.”    Adrien Lhabouz, CEO.




CompareLend.com is part of the Compare Invest Group.